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Upon high instructions from President Paul Biya, the Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul visited the sites of the Borgop and Ngam refugee camps this September 13, 2021, hosting Central African Republic refugees who fled from unrest in their country. The camps were created in 2014. 

According to the UNHCR managing the 12.000 refugees in Borgop, Djohong SubDivision and over 6000 in Ngam Meiganga Sub Division both in the Mbere Division in the Adamawa Region is a herculean task that needs help from all partners, especially the Cameroon government. They expressed their needs and challenges which include lack of teachers, basic necessities, birth certificates. The MINAT boss assured the refugees that their concerns will be tabled to the right quarters, as his visit is to evaluate the situation in the camps before possible aid could be made. He commended the UNHCR management of the camp that was quite clean and asked them to do more testing and vaccination against Covid-19. That a response will be expected soon.











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