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Traditional rulers nationwide have been called to order to stop land grabbing and it sales through out the 10 regions. Minister Atanga Nji Paul was speaking during a meeting with traditional leaders and the Lamido of Garoua this September 15, 2021.

After various complaints from members of parliament and numerous litigation involving traditional leaders. The meeting took place at the Governor's Office of the North region. He insisted that, land issues must be handled properly as it is important to have some reserves in case of major projects. He further disclosed that, there is need to homologate traditional rulers in Cameroon and respect the different categories, that is; 1st, 2nd or 3rd class chiefs. He noted that, each must stay in their lane as they are being paid by the government each month and have to be very vigilant. He added that, Garoua is one of the towns where the Nations Cup would be played and it is important to promote their culture and valorise the country's image.