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The Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul on Friday September 10, 2021 held a press conference in his Ministerial Department in the presence of the Delegate General in Charge of National Security Martin Mbarga Nguele and media men and women to warn against the irresponsible behaviour towards police officers. 

He said, “ For some time now, the public in general and administrative authorities in particular have been decrying violence, sometimes physical, against police officers exercising their duties all over the national territory.’’ Minister Atanga Nji further disclosed that in the event of any disagreement between a police officer and an individual, a complaint should be addressed to the police hierarchy and that only the police hierarchy was empowered to apply sanction against the defaulting officer. With regard to this, the Minister added that, insulting a police officer on duty is inacceptable. He said, “To publicly attack a police officer or any other security officer on duty shall hereafter be considered as a casus belli. Regional Governors have now been given strict instructions on how to handle irresponsible persons who attack police officers on duty’’. He cited some legal provisions of Section 156 of law No. 2016/007 of 12 July 2016 relating to the Penal Code, amended and supplemented by Law No.2019/020 of 24 December 2019, for everyone to get abreast with. Minister Atanga Nji therefore sounded a stern warning for individuals who will be caught assaulting a Police Officer, they shall face the heavy arm of the law. He concluded that “let us respect our laws. Let us respect our security forces who are there to protect us and our property.