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Gifts from the Head of State President Paul Biya to the people affected by floods in the different divisions of the Far North were handed by the 7 person inter ministerial team headed by Atanga Nji Paul this  September 6, 2020 at the esplanade the Far North Governors office. The Divisions involved include; Diamare Division( Bogo, Pette, Maroua 1,2 and 3), Logone  and Chari Division -Waza, Mayo Danay Division Kai-Kai, Maga, Mayo Kani Division-Moulvoudaye.
The gifts were made up of millet, maize, beans, mattresses(one and two places), mats, sugar, groundnut oil ( diamaor), buckets,  cartoons of soap, blankets, bags of rice. Other ministries included items in the package of the Head of State, MINEPAT offered bags to package items, MINEPIA, gave animal feeds, MINADER offered planting seeds, pesticide and farming tools. MINAT also offered to the Bishop of Yagoua anti Covid-19 Kits made up of the Rapid test, buckets, cartoons if soap and face masks.