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After recent flood witnessed in Cameroon's economic capital, Douala some 80-bike riders were on August 28, 2020 given assistant packages made up of mattresses, blankets, buckets soap, groundnut oil, rice and other necessities after they made a request to the Minister of Territorial Administration during his visit to the Littoral Region. The Bike riders are amongst those highly hit by the floods. This is because most of them live in flood prone areas around the economic capital and consequently

incurred heavy material loss during the incident. The assistance from the Head of State was consolatory as the items were destined to meet immediate need after the disaster. According to the Senior Divisional officer of the Wouri Bengamin Mboutou the items are not to be sold. The bike riders are to stay away from disaster risk areas because no amount of assistance from philanthropist could give back a life if the worst ever happened to them in future. The motorbike riders through Pagal Belela extended their appreciation to the Head of State.